Gallery Manager/Registrar for London Asian art gallery


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30th May

We are a prominent, long-established family firm of dealers in old Chinese and Japanese art, based in the West End of London. We seek a committed, full-time gallery manager and registrar to take charge of all office functions including compliance with the ever more demanding requirements of shipping, government, tax and banking authorities, as well as interacting personably with our clientele. Normally we work office hours Monday to Friday inclusive, but we also exhibit annually at international art fairs and the occasional art convention. For such occasions we expect our core staff, to commit to that project. Most of the year, though, our work takes place in a very relaxed environment with a literal handful of friendly young fine art specialists. Light-heartedness and humour are our watchwords.

The successful applicant will be literate and numerate, fluent in English and conversational in at least one other major European language. Some exposure to Chinese and/or Japanese language would be a bonus criterion, but for the right candidate is not a requirement. What is virtually a requirement is to have had some worthwhile experience in a serious art gallery, and preferably at one or more of the major art fairs, involving preparation, shipping issues, installation and takedown as well as attendance. Ideally, our manager will train for the company’s financial controller role and will also look forward to participating in international business trips. Such ambitious extensions of the essential manager role will of course attract an even more generous salary structure than what we envisage for the core job, which begins at UK£ 30,000, and rises to UK£ 35,000 as soon as familiarity and competence are proven.