Art Analyst (Remote)

Job Type:



We are seeking an independent remote consultant for a workgroup dedicated to authenticating works of art and antiques, with flexible hours. It is an independent position. 


Each investigation will be paid by a flat fee we can agree between both parties.

The interested party must be graduated in Art History with a master’s or doctorate

Speak English fluently

Preferably have some experience in researching works of art

Have the required access to the main art museums or municipal bookstores.

The researcher must know beforehand the main art libraries of the city

It is preferable that you are a pensioner.


About us

We are a leading authority in the field of attribution, authentication and appraisal of works of art. We work with auction houses, galleries, and museums around the world, and we also target our services to private work owners and collectors. We specialize in difficult attribution cases and review papers that have already been rejected as the original. Our priority is to achieve impartial results and ensure customer satisfaction.