Art Sales and Online Trading Specialist

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We are seeking a talented Art Sales and Online Trading Specialist. The candidate should possess in-depth knowledge of contemporary art, be skilled at selling original artworks and giclee, and be capable of creating and developing online sales channels. If you are looking for an opportunity to apply and develop your skills and knowledge in the field of art and online trading, we look forward to receiving your resume.

**Key Responsibilities:**

- Development and implementation of art sales strategies.
- Gathering and analyzing information about the art market and customer needs.
- Creating and developing online sales channels.
- Conducting presentations and sales of paintings and their replicas.
- Interacting with artists, galleries, and collectors.


- Education in Art, Marketing, Business, or a related field.
- Experience in art sales and/or online trading.
- Strong communication skills and persuasive ability.
- Knowledge of contemporary online trading platforms and tools.
- High level of autonomy and organizational skills.
- Proficiency in English will be an advantage.