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Kansas State University's Theatre Program is seeking an experienced and dedicated Scenic Designer to join our esteemed faculty as a Professor of Practice. This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to our vibrant theatre program while promoting diversity, creativity, and excellence in scenic design. As a Scenic Designer and Professor of Practice, you will inspire and mentor students, collaborate with colleagues, and contribute to the artistic growth and inclusivity of our program.  


  1. Scenic Design: In collaboration with directors and designers, create imaginative and visually captivating scenic designs for theatrical productions, including sets, paints, props, and special effects, that effectively communicate the production's artistic vision.  
  1. Scenic Art: Service charge artist for program’s productions. 
  1. Mentoring and Supervision: Oversee and mentor student scenic designers, scenic art and props throughout the production process.  
  1. Teaching: Teaching opportunities are available depending on the applicant’s focus and areas of interest as well as program need. 
  1. Professional Development: Engage in ongoing scholarly and/or creative activities, staying abreast of current trends, techniques, and technologies in scenic design.  
  2. Service and Engagement: Participate actively in program and departmental committees and contribute to the recruitment and retention of students.