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Job Description for Costume Shop Manager

Reports To:  Director of Production                            

Area of Responsibility:  Artistic/ Production

Position Summary:  The Costume Shop Manager’s primary focus is to oversee the design, creation, and execution of all costumes for all Company, NB2, and School of Nashville Ballet productions, including, but not limited to, financial planning and oversight, management of first hand, wardrobe supervisor, cutters and stitchers, logistical coordination, and serving as liaison to the artistic staff and dancers.  The Costume Shop Manager works closely with the Artistic Director, School Director, and Director of Production to coordinate all costume needs well in advance of each production for the main Company, NB2, and the School of Nashville Ballet.  Design opportunities available.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

The Costume Shop Manager shall be responsible for all aspects of costumes, accessories, and costume props for Nashville Ballet Company and NB2 performances.  It is understood that the goal of the Costume Shop Manager shall be to help create and maintain the “vision” of the Artistic Director, choreographer, and designers while providing a safe working environment for the dancers and crew.

Works as a liaison between Designer and Costume Shop to maintain artistic intent within the financial and time resources.

Assist in creating upcoming costume budget projections; regular budget monitoring throughout the season. 

Preparation and upkeep of all paperwork regarding the costume shop:  inventories, costume plots, accessory lists, show bibles, etc.; or assisting guest designers as needed with paperwork for archival purposes. 

Attendance at production meetings and enough studio rehearsals to have a working knowledge of the performances; attendance at technical rehearsals and performances as assigned. 

Managerial responsibilities include hiring and supervising staff (in-house and for the theater) and creating work assignments for costume shop personnel, backstage dressers, and costume assistants with performance deadlines and efficiency in mind.

The Costume Shop Manager will oversee the pulling, restocking, fitting, and altering of costumes for all appearances, photo shoots, recitals, and other events for marketing, special events, the School of Nashville Ballet, and Outreach.

Responsible for organizing and maintaining the costume shop, including all equipment and costume storage.

Managing all incoming and outgoing rentals of costumes. 

Ordering of supplies, materials, and notions in a timely manner to keep the costume shop operating efficiently.

Company Philosophy:  All employees are expected to promote and advocate for Nashville Ballet and its mission both inside and outside the organization.  Likewise, they are expected to support the following Enduring Values.

We believe in the transforming power of art.

We inspire appreciate for the art of ballet.

We strive for excellent with integrity in all we do.

We respect one another and the art form.

Work Requirements and Qualifications:

Advanced knowledge of costume construction, fitting, and alterations.

Able to direct costume shop personnel, backstage dressers, and costume assistants and effectively communicate each production's requirements.

Demonstrated proficiency in flat patterning and draping

Knowledge of a variety of costume construction techniques

Knowledge and experience in both men’s and women’s tailoring techniques

Understanding of period shape and how to adapt it to theatrical costumes

Experience working with and patterning for stretch fabrics

Good working knowledge of costume history as well as fabric types and uses.

Excellent hand and machine sewing techniques

Ability to multi-task, prioritize and reprioritize.

Working knowledge of various sewing machines, sergers, and other tools of the trade.

Basic shoe painting and dyeing.

Costume design experience (preferred)

Proficiency in Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Experience: Minimum of 5 years in a costuming position with supervisory responsibility.