Laser Cutting Manager and Operator




Job Level:

Position type:

Contract type:

$46,800.00 (Annual)


Application Deadline: 

General Job Description:

Flatiron Laser is a laser engraving/production shop located in the Flatiron district, near FIT and Madison Square Park.

This position involves managing and operating all aspects of the business and filling cutting jobs for a client-facing laser production shop. Typical clients can range from individual hobbyists to advertising agencies and fashion brands. 

Jobs are varied and can take anywhere from an hour to weeks to complete depending on the size of the project. The ideal candidate will be able to run this portion of the business independently and be able to navigate a shop environment, helping with general upkeep as needed. 


This is a full-time in-person position. Hours are 9:00-6:00. 


$900/week plus commission equivalent to a set percentage of revenue. 


  • Replying to potential customers’ emails with job quotes, timelines and answering general questions
  • Corresponding with clients to facilitate their project from beginning to end
  • Aiding customers in material choices and sourcing material if necessary
  • Aiding clients in making their vector-based artwork ready for cutting
  • Maintaining the shop space and keeping materials organized
  • Staying organized with regard to job schedules and cutting queues 
  • Operating and troubleshooting the laser cutting machines
  • Finishing/sanding/assembly of parts as required per project
  • Facilitating the pick-up or shipping of completed jobs 
  • Documenting completed jobs for posting on social media 
  • Coordinate with the online marketing consultant 

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Familiarity with laser cutters (ideally ULS laser cutters).
  • Familiarity with materials used in laser cutting: acrylic, wood, paper, fabrics and leathers
  • Familiarity with Rhino 3D
  • Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Experience using Google Drive Suite
  • Ability to stay organized and maintain a schedule.
  • Experience packing orders for shipment.
  • Customer service skills on the phone and through email.
  • Previous shop experience whether professionally or through a school’s shop
  • Ability to work independently