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Studio Technician / Campus Caretaker



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$15/ hour
Application Deadline: 
May 17, 2021

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Title:                            Studio Technician & Campus Caretaker

Status:                          Seasonal, non-exempt position

Wage:                          $15/hour plus option of on-campus housing including utilities, wi-fi, washer & dryer, access to kayaks and canoe

Hours:                         30 - 40 hours/week- varied schedule based on Sitka summer programming needs

Days Off:                     TBD

Dates:                          June 2021 – September 2021

Application Deadline:  May 17, 2021

Job Objective or Overall Purpose Statement

Support the daily operations of the workshops in the summer. Work closely with the Program Manager to update workshop materials and processes. Maintain a clean, safe and welcoming environment in Sitka’s main office building, two small exterior restrooms and five studio apartments in support of Sitka’s Workshop program and help keep outdoor areas looking well-maintained.

List of Duties or Tasks Performed:

Work closely with program team to ensure the smooth operation of daily workshops

Greet arriving instructors, assist with their check-in on campus

Set up and break down studios for workshops, assist instructors as needed

Welcome workshop participants on the first day of each workshop, introduce the instructor and provide details about the facility, Covid-19 precautions, and other daily announcements

Provide audio/visual (AV) support for instructors

Assist in making sure participants park in designated Sitka parking lots and assist with overflow if needed

Photograph and video workshops as appropriate and file and organize generated photos and clips

Input notes regularly into Sitka’s Filemaker database regarding each workshop for set-up ease next year

Greet drop-in visitors and share current Sitka events and activities, provide facility tours when possible

Manage work schedule in conjunction with the program team

Assist with communication of Cascade Head Ranch neighborhood rules to instructors and students

Perform cleaning duties for Office and Public Restrooms (these are small spaces that tend to stay fairly tidy on their own), including daily Covid-19 high-touch surface sanitation as needed

Perform caretaking duties following a detailed cleaning checklist for Sitka’s five studio apartments

Patrol campus nightly to assure each studio is locked with lights and equipment turned off

Maintain a safety awareness at all times

Communicate any maintenance issues with the Facilities Manager

Communicate with Administrative Coordinator on low inventory of workshop and cleaning supplies


Job Qualifications

Behavioral values relevant to this position:





Team player


Based on experience, a person in this position would:

Enjoy interacting with people daily

Take pride in cleaning and groundskeeping tasks as a key part of making guests feel welcome

Have basic computer skills and the ability to quickly learn new photo management and data entry skills

Enjoy speaking to groups

Have an artistic sensibility and art making knowledge

Be able to regularly lift 50 pounds- this is a very physical job!

Ability to carry materials and supplies up and down outdoor stairs

Have a sense of intentionality when attending to details

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