Associate Preparator (Full-Time)



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$27.11 - $36.60


The Portland Art Museum (referred to as Museum) invites applications for the position of Associate Preparator. The Associate Preparator demonstrates a solid foundation of skills and thorough knowledge of professional standards and practices. Responsibilities include competency in all Preparator related skills with demonstrated, specialized in fabrication. 

The Associate Preparator acts as a model for Assistant Preparators during the preparation, installation, and strike of all exhibitions, at times giving direction and making sure proper protocols for art handling, storage, and display are being met. Under the direction of Chief Preparator and Supervising Preparator this is a collaborative, hands-on role that is both attentive and fast-paced, meeting both the goals of executing exhibition schedules safely and maintaining the museums objective in collection care and understanding current priorities.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • In absence of Chief & Lead Preparator, the Associate Preparator acts as a backup to ensure timely project completion and care

  • Assists Chief Preparator in all aspects of exhibitions including, carpentry and related shop work, painting, lighting, mount making, art handling, packing and installation

  • Assists Chief Preparator and Registrars in, shipping and receiving of artworks, crate moving, unpacking and packing, crate building and retrofitting, and local and regional pickup and delivery of artwork

  • Assists in maintaining workshop including, cleaning and organization of shop space

  • Assists Registrars and Conservators in collection maintenance, organizing storage, rehousing objects, seismic mitigation, and collection documentation

  • Assists in maintaining general appearance of galleries including cleaning of exhibit furniture/casework, dusting, and changing of lights

  • Assist with maintenance and troubleshooting of new media electronic artworks and displays