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We are a newly opened Art Center established by two artists. We are looking for interns for various positions, including front desk, graphic design, writing, and exhibition arrangement. There is no basic salary for all types of work, but all employees can get a share of the sale of gallery art as a reward according to different positions.

4C means for Contemporary Art, for Conceptual Art, for Chinese Community, and also for the founders, Chen and Cui.


We aim to provide a pure land for Chinese-American artists and audiences in the gap between Chinese culture and American culture, to nurture their own cultural soil. We will provide a continuous and professional exhibition space for Chinese contemporary art in Los Angeles, and organize our own cultural activities for Chinese Americans in the United States.

4C GALLERY拥有一个140平米的专业展示空间,一间布满专业设备的工房,两位职业艺术家兼创始人,一本关注于华裔当代艺术的出版期刊,以及一腔孕育华裔文化的热血。我们不以出售作品为最终目的,而是行使art center的职能。

4C GALLERY has a professional exhibition space of 140 square meters, a workshop full of professional equipment, two professional artists and founders, a publishing journal focusing on Chinese contemporary art, and a passion for nurturing Chinese culture .Our ultimate goal is not to sell works, but to perform the function of an art center.