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$48K - $55K

The Office of Strategic Communication maintains the university’s public image through strategic marketing practices, public relations, media relations, news services, publications, executive messaging and crisis/emergency communications through all channels including the print, web, social media and email. The staff establishes standards for articulating the University’s mission, vision, core values, strategic goals and visual identity, for promoting the University’s performances and events and the accomplishments of its students, alumni, and faculty and staff to external audiences that include potential students and parents, alumni, supporters, and the general public. With a primary focus on external communications, the Office of Strategic Communication also offers expertise, insight and strategic planning to the Chancellor and other senior level administrators on communications issues and events within the campus community.

Reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications. Manages day-to-day operations of the Strategic Communications office. Provides financial analysis, budget planning/proposals, forecasts future needs, handles billing/payments, contracts, purchase orders and all matters related to finances for the division’s numerous funds. Supports Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications through calendar, administrative and project management.

Applying extensive literacy of accounting and budgeting, designs effective budget models for Strategic Communications budgets to forecast spending and future needs. Analyzes financial information to ensure all operations are within budget. and makes appropriate recommendations. Identifies variances between actual and budgeted financial results at the end of each reporting period. Plans and monitors use of expenditures to meet organizational objectives and ensure compliance. Ensures fiscal stability by forecasting budget needs and expenditures, suggesting spending improvements that decrease overall spending.

Responsible for all departmental system contracts, purchasing and determining IT needs. Handle all human resources matters including hiring, departmental on boarding, and advise Vice Chancellor to ensure compliance with HR policies. Facilities coordination and planning for division.

Project management for Strategic Communications/Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications. Administrator and Super User for Strategic Communication’s workflow management tool, ClickUp. Provides training for new users and ensures that projects are accurately paced and being completed on time. Management of software programs utilized by Strategic Communications to ensure department compliance and productivity.