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Mr_Carpenter/Building and Construction SuperintendantEnglish_Virginia Beach


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William Gary Frye


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Carpenter/Building and Construction SuperintendantEnglish


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30 years experience in all aspects of construction/carpentry/building supervision. From blueprint reading to hands on construction of fine cabinetry and everything in between


Tidewater Community College - Art and Design....Tidewater Builders Association - Blue Print Reading....Tidewater Builders Association - Superintendants certification.

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My background in education is Art and Design however I quickly moved into the construction business and learned design, blueprint reading moving up to supervisory positions in residential as well as commercial real estate. I began my career path as a welder while living in Virginia and quicly moved into the construction fileds moving up - though my love is hands on carpentry and design work. My wife, a  New York native and Gallery Curator has an offer of a position in New York and we will move back from our current home in Virginia. Our son resides in Brooklyn, is a musician as well as an independent art handler for PS1. I am available immediately and would love to set up an interview. I can supply great references on request.