Cynthia August | Commercial Portrait Photographer | Ipswich | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Ipswich
Professional Title: Commercial Portrait Photographer
Specialties: +15 years experience with Photography & Video, Conceptual photography, Textile Arts

- About -

Commercial and fine art portrait photographer, with a conceptual and light-filled approach. I'm a visual story teller. As a commercial portrait photographer, I work with businesses, art buyers, editors, designers, marketers and creative start-ups to produce images and campaigns that tell stories through people, and their personal connection to their work. I collaborate with clients to conceptualize, style and produce exceptional visual content for web, social, print, and video. There is selling power in the story, and my clients and their customers are the heroes of the narrative. My theatrical designer foundation defines my creative and conceptual approach to my portrait and product photography. Working with creative directors and art buyers is second nature as I am a collaborative artist to the core. Whether the project is a website, an editorial feature, a branding portfolio or content for advertising, social media or marketing campaign, my photographs get to the heart of the story and celebrate its most evocative and influential elements.