Dan Criblez | Fine Artist, Animator | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Fine Artist, Animator
Specialties: animation, Painting, Filmmaker

- About -

Dan Criblez is a visual artist from New York who works in a wide variety of mediums including: animation/film, sculpture, painting and drawing. Experimenting in these mediums, Dan has created surreal, abstract, figurative mind art using line and improv. Doing freelance work for multiple musicians in Brooklyn, Ny, Dan has become a music video artist as well. He studies sculpture at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts of the University of New Haven, and spent a semester abroad at the campus in Prato, Italy. Dan hosted his first Pop-up show "in Haze" at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn in 2018.

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