Rikke Darling | Artist | Copenhagen | Art Jobs
Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen
Industry: Gallery
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Abstract painting, Acrylic painting, Fine art painting in oil or acrylic on canvas or murals

- About -

With my art, I wish to move the viewer with my view of the nature in man – and the man in nature. A visual narrative of how we humans are nature and part of the complex universal pattern, where, on an energy level, surroundings merge with senses, emotions and thoughts. I am fascinated by nature’s patterns and by micro and macrocosm relations. Patterns in nature occur in fractal geometry, where patterns are embedded in each other and recur large and small. The repetitive fractal patterns mean that the geometry of nature’s simple organisms applies to more complex organisms as well, and thus even us humans. When we see this recurring pattern, it can be a lot of things in nature and what we imagine depend, among other things, on the colors or what we see next to the pattern. I use a reductionist approach in my art in regards to both shape and colors, where I examine the individual components in order to reveal a more complex phenomenon. I find a great source of creativity in applying few components and examining them thoroughly and in new ways. This method provides, among other things, an understanding of how a certain combination of colors can awaken feelings. An isolated element can stimulate aspects of our imagination in ways that a complex picture may not. We perceive unexpected patterns in the picture and perhaps even a connection between art and our perception of the world and our life experience.