Dave Hall | Composer, Songwriter | New York City | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York City
Industry: Music & Sound
Professional Title: Composer, Songwriter
Specialties: Playwriting, Lyricist, composer

- About -

I'm a classically trained composer and I play piano and guitar and I'm a singer. I'm a lyricist, too. I've written in several different genres: musical theater, chamber music, country, rock, folk, pop, Arab, and children's music. I've released seven full-length recordings and have written music and lyrics for a number of musical theater works. I've composed incidental music for non-musical plays and recently I've been penning non-musical plays. I'm a bi-racial (European and Arab) gay artist and I draw upon folk forms from both Europe and the Arab World in my compositions. Known for my lyrical approach as well as my unique blend of musical influences, my work tends to contain social or political content, content that (I hope!) is executed poetically and artfully, rather than polemically. "A poem is not a pamphlet!"