David Garcia Garcia | Artist and illustrator, Physical actor and performer | Berlin | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Other
Professional Title: Artist and illustrator, Physical actor and performer

- About -

David Garcia Garcia is a Multidisciplinary artist. Physical actor, dancer and teacher-facilitator. Born into a big family in a small village in the north of Spain, David studied physical theatre and dramatic art in RESAD (Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico) Madrid and BAI (Bizkaiko Antzerki Ikastegia) Bilbao. While studying at HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin he learned Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation Dance and Theater Improvisation. Since 2010 has been working in different artistic Berlin projects and with different collectives and theatre companies like Kollektive Artes Mobiles (Leipzig), the Neuk├Âllner Oper (Berlin)... as well as working as a model and camera actor. Currently, he continues his career as an artist and creator with his last pieces "Intoxicated" (a solo of physical Theater and Dance) and "I'm liberation (but don't smile)" (Performance of Physical Theater and Opera). David is passionately interested in how to enable personal development of the individual within a group dynamic, the springs that activate the connection of our body's creative impulses, sexual consciousness development in a mindful way, and the role of gender and sexual orientation in our society.