David Samblanet | photographer | Talairan | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: Talairan
Professional Title: photographer
Specialties: Photoshop, InDesign, Image Editing

- About -

David Samblanet is artist who uses photography, video and sound to capture and record the footsteps of time – to reconstruct and explore his memories, combining those elements with historical events and fiction. His autobiographical quest through factual and fictional imagery is a quest to explore the roots of his origins. He uses photography as an investigative tool and medium to develop his projects which delve into the phenomena of our identities, appearances and beings through portraits – images exploring history, time, our beings, lives and existence. Photographer/Author. Students at the photography school Gobelins- Paris 13. Licentiate pro cultural administrator University Paul Valéry – Montpellier III. Adviser for photography on the festival « Mirror sound » of Fabrezan since 2005. Person in charge during 4 years of the gallery Photoeil to Fabrezan, mediatization, welcome reception and implementation of several exhibitions. Since 2009, he is responsible for the programming of the photographic exhibitions for the gallery photoeil within the framework of Film meetings of Cerbere, France, border Spain. Speaking for photography for many years in schools and colleges High SchoolFrench.

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