Deborah Samia | Sculptor | Oakland | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Oakland
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Sculptor
Specialties: mold making, sculpting in clay, wax

- About -

Deborah Samia, a California native sculptor in the Bay Area, received her artistic training in BFA from the Academy of Art University (AAU) in 1998. After that, she found various jobs sculpting public monuments, sculpting miniature figurines and ornaments, creating high-end Halloween masks, and assisting other acclaimed Bay Area artists. Over 15 years, she has been teaching Figure Modeling, Portrait, and Ecorché at AAU and Pontifex University, and is creating artwork as the lead artist at Chiodo Art Development. More importantly, she was honored to assist in sculpting “Remember Them: Champions for Humanity” monument located at a prominent area in downtown Oakland. One of her artistic inspiration comes from a famous French impressionism and modern art sculptor, Auguste Rodin. She recalls, “Rodin has been a long time inspiration for my work, especially seeing The Burghers of Calais has brought me to tears.” Because of that her works include interpretation of the beauty of portraits and a human figure, and the importance of social justice and redemption in today’s local and global cultures. “In my more recent work, I feel compelled to tell stories about pain, suffering and injustice. There is so much hurt in the world out there- that I want to bring hope for…and I struggle with how to authentically show the ‘ugliness’ while bringing a glimmer of hope, restoration, and redemption.” For more information and to view her body of work, visit or reach out to her at