Denisa Zaionciuc | Art Director | Los Angeles | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Industry: Design
Professional Title: Art Director
Specialties: Photoshop, Design, Concept Development & Creative Direction

- About -

I was born in Romania, but I lived my whole life in California where I studied art and graphic design at Orange County High School of the arts, and Cal State University of Long Beach. Since then, I've worked in the Entertainment industry for Sony Pictures Television, Fox, Beats by Dre and Rogers & Cowan as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, but recently I've been interested in pursuing expressionism art to explore visual storytelling through different mediums. I've had varied practices in still life drawing, color pencil, watercolor, and oil painting, but have always developed an interest in realism from a very young age. When I discovered fluid art, I wanted to challenge the two contrasting styles (fluid & realism) to visually depict the delicacies of life, human experience and the complex relationship between beauty and imperfection. With these pieces, I lean more towards complex subjects that have more organic expression to them because it allows me to add my own interpretation to them as opposed to just replicating them in a photographic sense. More than anything, I enjoy my art being my own internal exploration but at the same time there is room for interpretation, connection and exploration by the viewer. I think because of my experience as a graphic designer, I value intricate detail and textures that make it too subtle to see from far away, but at the same time it challenges the viewer to become more intimate and connected with the piece from up close. With this concept, there is a little wall of defense up to the world that keeps us and our vulnerabilities more hidden, which requires us to look closer, spend more time and build real authentic relationships.