Diem | Project Manager, Events Director | New York City | Art Jobs

- About -

Hello, my name is Diem. I really want to thank you for taking the time to read over all of the information I can provide to you about myself. A California native that moved out east starting in Chicago and then here in New York, I worked my way up in hospitality, marketing and advertising. With my biggest strengths in event management and organization, team building and leadership, photoshoot production and strong communication and organization as well as studio/admin management. When I was able to study art in college, I was convinced that I would have done something in the arts. But life works in ways we sometimes cannot understand or control, as I am sure most can relate. I didn't get to finish school and I needed to survive on my own. Which led me to build my way up in hospitality where I have worked in for 16 years. After, I was able to change my cards and work in the world of fashion marketing and advertising. Which taught me a great deal of who I am, the skills I have learned and the skills I have instilled in me. In this, I would only hope that I could integrate my skills in the arts. Which has led me here. I came here because I was on a job board of women supporting women. And in this, I needed my women community as I had left a somewhat toxic work environment. I am humbled that they gave me the information that led me to your platform. So I am going to try my best to put myself out there and hope that Art Jobs decides to take a chance on me and let me use these skills I have to contribute the arts.