Digital Artist Of The Month

A celebration of the infinite possibilities of digital art, where creativity and technology unite

Accepted : Digital Art
Deadline : 30 June

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A celebration of the creativity and innovation of digital and AI art! This month's contest is all about celebrating the innovation of digital and AI art. Our goal is to promote this exciting trend and give digital artists a platform to showcase their skills and vision. Whether you're an established digital artist or just starting out, submit your best work and show us your creative vision for a chance to become our next Digital Artist of the Month.


  • OpenCall is open to everyone worldwide
  • The winner will be awarded the ‘Digital Artist Of The Month’ 
  • $16 for up to 2 submissions, $25 for up to 5 submissions 
  • Works will be judged based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability
  • Winners will be chosen based on the quality of single entry as well as quality of overall work

Selected Artists

  • Being selected as a Digital Artist of the Month could lead to job opportunities in the creative industries, where your skills may be in high demand
  • Artist's biography, website, social links and images of works will be listed in the directory of ArtJobs permanently for future reference
  • The winning images will be seen by international audience of media editors, talent agents, PR agents, galleries, collectors etc...
  • Artist will be promoted to major news outlets through our PR agent
  • Artist will be promoted to our wide-spread social media
  • Artists will automatically be considered for any upcoming curatorial projects,  not limited to publications, exhibitions, and gallery projects


  • Artist retains the sole copyright for the images
  • Submitted images can be available for public viewing on the ArtJobs's website and social media,
    including in relation to promotional activities for the contest and the business. 
  • All display images will be credited with their artist name

Have a question? 
send us an e-mail to support(at)


  • All fees must be paid by credit card or paypal
  • Submission fees support the administrative costs and and helping provide opportunities for artists
  • Submission fees are non-refundable
  • All purchase inquiries will be referred directly back to the artist