Vana Kiork | Designer , Photo Editor | Pasadena | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Pasadena
Industry: Design
Professional Title: Designer , Photo Editor
Specialties: Photoshop, Web Development, Illustrator

- About -

I am an Architecture and MBA graduate with a background in architecture, interiors, art, and graphics. Through my past employment, internships, and experience, I have developed a set of useful technical, organizational, and communication skills. My last employment was at an architecture firm, which is widely known and respected California design firm. While working at RRM I was exposed to multiple tasks. I assisted with constructions documents, building design, material boards, interior and exterior renders, and drafting. Working with physical modeling software such as the CNC, laser cutting, and 3D printing has also been beneficial in expanding the horizon of my design. I have worked as a professional image editor with Sports Warehouse for three years, the largest in-house image photography and output within the United States. I have worked in architectural firms, as an intern and Designer I, creating renders and models as needed. I have also created multiple websites for personal and professional use. I gained valuable experience while attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. It furthered my personal and professional development by introducing and teaching me about the world of graphics and design. With a previous interest in art and drawing, I acquired skills that now help me portray my personal hobby in the world of design and presentation. Studying abroad taught me to broaden my worldviews and ways of thinking by experiencing different cultures firsthand. It also put me in the unique position to capture unforgettable moments through photography, artwork, or conceptual design. Attending three different academic programs within Europe during my fourth year of undergrad and continuing to intern in Armenia the following summer made my school experience an impactful one. During my MBA training, I have focused on marketing and developing my strategic analysis skills as well as my communication skills. Team projects taught me the importance of teamwork and efficiently working with others. I was taught accounting, data analysis, marketing, and negotiations. I was also given the chance to work with real-world companies, such as California Closets. The program equipped me well for the professional world. My strong educational and work background, along with internal processes with Adobe Suite, Rhino, V-ray, Sketch-Up, and Revit, will enable me to be an effective my future career path. I hope to further my experience and help my future team to the best of my abilities.