Domenico Cordua | Creative illustrator - Painter/Art director | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Creative illustrator - Painter/Art director
Specialties: Illustrator, art, Direction.

- About -

Domenico Cordua is a young contemporary fine artist originally from Naples based in London. Like a mythological God, stranded on earth, Cordua fell from the kingdom of arts because of his curiosity of wanting to understand the universe. With a very critical eye, Cordua illustrates his interpretations of different aspects of life, on a deeply visionary and surrealistic level. Afflicted and melancholic, he searches for answers to the puzzles of existence in this world of chaos in order to share his visions. As a deeply inspired artist, Cordua is influenced by his own experiences and emotions; dissatisfied by the society he represents in the form of irony