Donovan Riley | Fine Artist, Draftsman | College Park | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: College Park
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Fine Artist, Draftsman
Specialties: Photoshop, Collage and Illustration, Fine art painting in oil or acrylic on canvas or murals

- About -

I am a fine artist from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and I eagerly search for zealous artists who share my same passion for the arts and how it shapes the planet. My work ranges from formal oil paintings of the figure to sketches of consumer based media and pop-culture. Often unsure of what causes preference of various images and subjects over others, I began working in digital collage to continue progression of thought and introspection. My end goal is to become an automotive designer, but in the meantime, my current goal is to put my influence on the arts of wherever I currently reside, regardless of occupation.