Dorian Radu | Fine Artist | Sutton | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Sutton
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Fine Artist
Specialties: Painted portraits, oil portraits, oil on panel

- About -

I am a professional artist, specialised in hyper-realistic portrait painting. With over 10 years of experience as a professional artist, I have been commissioned to paint pieces destined to prestigious private collectors such as the Romanian Royal Family, the BBC TV Series “Cradle to Grave”, as well as numerous other prestigious collectors and art publications. Overall, my work is now present in more than 80 private collections worldwide. I am attracted by and interested in the concept of identity. In each piece, I study the character of the model, trying to reach beyond appearance and show the true aura on canvas, thus conveying a narrative for every piece. My art is at a junction between traditional and contemporary principles, in the sense that the main aim is to bring back the aesthetics and criteria of traditional portrait painting and also identify the role of portraiture in contemporary art. Before, portraits were a baronial symbol of wealth and loftiness. In addition to the former purposes, contemporary portraiture brings along limitless possibilities of questioning and critiquing the perception around the human figure.

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