Douglas Frohman | Founder, Inspiration Ars, LLC, Managing Director, Art | Chicago | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Chicago
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Founder, Inspiration Ars, LLC, Managing Director, Art
Specialties: Abstract Art painting, Art/ Creative Direction / Design, collaborative small and large creative processes

- About - (Exhibits, Art Fairs, Installations, Public commissions) (Artist Statement) I was fortunate in being able to have a dual career and where many get burned out or cynical, I drew energy from my Internet business activities. They helped fuel my art. I was always aimed towards being where I am now, a full-time, working artist, with a wonderful gallery, regular appearances since 2016 at major Art Fairs like Art Basel Miami, Context New York, SOFA Chicago, Art Hamptons. In addition, through a terrific network of relationships, I've gotten to work with top interior designers, corporate and residential art consultants doing both private and public commissions and installations. I have also been able to contribute my time & work to charitable causes like the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, which is especially satisfying. In 2007, I switched from painting with brushes to using a worker's cement trowel to make my paintings. Over the past decade I've come to favor the square - in different sizes, combinations and configurations. In particular, I've lined up 4 12"x 12" squares with a small gaps in between each square, resembling film frames from the cinema. My individual and series titles usually emerge from the work. The current series "Atmospheric Geometries" is all about relationships of color and mass moving through ambient space.What I seek in my practice is to create work can "stand on its own" as an identity in the world, a thing among things.. I agree with another self-taught artist, Jasper Johns who replied "a sense of life" when asked what he wanted from his own work. In addition, I am committed to working injury abstract terms but I want there to be a coherence an inner logic that is expressed as seamlessly as the one found in nature.