Emily Ballas | Freelance Graphic Designer, Graphic Designer | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Graphic Design
Professional Title: Freelance Graphic Designer, Graphic Designer
Specialties: Print Design, Branding & Design, Layout & Editorial

- About -

Although much of my career has been designing everything from brochures, logos, and posters to invitations, flyers, and advertisements in industries ranging from fashion, culture, education, sports/entertainment, food/beverage, and even non-profits, I want a deeper understanding with what's really behind the work: people. Having open dialogue, expressing empathy, and authentically connecting with people and places is what I want to motivate my work. Just as much as I have actively pursued design classes, saw art museum exhibitions, and attended professional design lectures, I also feel strongly that a good designer recognizes the potential in finding the connections between a variety of disciplines. I'm most interested in multi-disciplinary/interdisciplinary environments where different perspectives and influences are brought to the table. With 7 years of professional experience, I'm qualified as a senior designer in primarily print.