Rocio del pino lobos | Actress and Theater studies | Berlin | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Performing Arts
Professional Title: Actress and Theater studies
Specialties: Singing and directing

- About -

Actress, director and chilean researcher. She participated four years (2007-2010) in the theater troop La Oruga, working as asisting director, as an actress in the piece and as a dancer and singer in different musical pieces. In this troop she developed a form of physical practice and differents aproaches to the scene from the body’s perspective. This was supported by the investigation of the history, technichs and theory from Odin Teatret and Eugenio Barba’s works and concepts. In 2012 she created her first piece as a director, Efecto Desarme, developing her interest for the question about identity trough the work of the performer’s body and their biography. In 2013 she participated as an actress in the piece Quiero la verdad y los colores que faltan, investigating in movement structures and the way to create dramaturgy trough them. She also worked as a dancer in Intento coreográfico de un cuerpo sin victoria, making a research about pleasure and its marks on the body. Also between 2012 and 2013 she made a theoretical research about the writing documentation of artistic processes and the importance of these to make theory about the artistic investigations. Between 2014 and 2017 she worked in the artistic company; Tercer Abstracto, colectiv that researches the relationship between vanguards and neovanguards from the visual arts and the posible aplication to the scene trough different escenic strategies. In 2016 she made her second theater piece as a director: Misandria y Misoginia, researching and questioning againg about the themes of identity but now from a gender perspective. Finally in 2017 she started working in a performance and showed the work in progress at the Windicht Festival in Berlin. A festival wich developed the relationship between poetry and sound. This piece is called Transparente, and it is also a questioning about gender problematics but this time using her own perspective, body and biography. And un 2018 she participated in the performance: CO-TOUCH created by a russian Company, investigating in sound art and touch as a way to comunicated with the audience. This piece has been performed in Berlin in different venues. She has also had advanced courses with different distinguished chilean’s artists like Juan Carlos Montaña, Trinidad Piriz y Paula Zuñiga. And also differente residencies and training with Odin Teatret theater group.