Terri Einer | Artist | Oshkosh | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Oshkosh
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Custom Artwork

- About -

If a piece of my art brings a smile to the viewer, my goal has been reached and I am fulfilled. It is often remarked that I must just be dancing and smiling when I am in my studio. My work is about colors that sing, objects that demand attention or critters that contain whimsical wonder. My florals are impressionist, with little attention paid to the type of flower represented rather than the play of color combinations. I am happiest in my studio when the colors are bold and I am painting with quick spontaneous stokes. Rarely using a pencil, I prefer to attack each canvas with a wide brush, letting the acrylic paint fly. I am inspired by simple object lines or a whimsical scene begging to be put to canvas. I tend to bounce from one subject to the next, whether it be whimsical creatures or abstract creations. My clients tend to want pieces in their home or business that capture your attention when you enter the room, whether it be the bold, vivid colors or the whimsical creature that is beckoning you to smile.