Eleanor Coggins | Technician Trainee, Admin Assistant | Birminhgam | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Birminhgam
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Technician Trainee, Admin Assistant
Specialties: +4 years of painting, skilled within a Plaster room, drawing

- About -

Having completed my BA Fine Art Undergraduate at Margaret Street School of Art this summer, I am now planning the next step in my career. The skills regularly used within the last few years at University and at College mean I have the ability to think creatively, plan strategically and think logically, whilst also being able to work independently and as part of a team with my interpersonal abilities and proactive approach to work. In October 2019 I started work experience as a technician at my university, working with print, textiles, metal and other departments. I go once a week to get as much of the knowledge and experience that is needed to become a technician. During my last year of university, being a technician was something that I began to have lots of passion for. Now I have finished university I feel it is time to take action to get where I want to be. I have considerable experience with high-tech machinery in a work shop; carrying out risk assessments, managing budgets and adhering to health and safety standards to create a secure environment necessary to ensure safety at all times. Throughout my time at University and College, I have worked with many materials, one also being print making. I have made prints many times in the past for my own personal work and exhibitions. One of my screen prints is currently in an art gallery in Sutton Coldfield. I have always enjoyed the process and the excitement of creating prints. Working at Get a Grip Studio would allow me to bring together my skills of customer services and my passion for art. Whilst studying fulltime in education, I have also held a part-time job working in my local Morrsions store. I have been an Administration Assistant for over a year. In my job I have to meet criteria’s before the end of the day, follow strict roles to ensure that the store is legal and be prepared for any challenge that comes across on a daily basis. This has helped me with working under pressure. This role has also allowed me to gain experience in customer services and tasks that I have had to face on a daily basis such as; maintain a customer relationship in a professional manner, ensuring that the safety of protocols is under control while working with a large coordinated team.