Elisabet Ney Museum | Museum | Austin | Art Jobs
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Sector: Museum, Sculpture, Fine Arts
Country: United States
US State: Texas
City: Austin
Address: 304 E 44th St

- About -

The Mission of the Elisabet Ney Museum is to preserve the memory and legacy of Elisabet Ney (18331907) for educational, historical, and artistic purposes. The Vision of the Elisabet Ney Museum is to expand  upon Elisabet Ney's goal: to inspire humanity by creating unique visitor experiences that portray and  attract a diverse audience and leave them challenged, uplifted, and positively motivated by their visit.  The Elisabet Ney Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is both a Recorded Texas  Historical  Landmark  and  a  City  of  Austin  Historic  Landmark.

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