Zhang Zhaohui: Rethinking Ink

Chinese American Arts Council/Gallery 456 is pleased to present Zhang Zhaohui: Rethinking Ink, curated by Lilly Wei, on view from March 22, 2024 through April 5, 2024.

Exhibition Statement

Zhang Zhaohui (b. 1965, Hebei Province, China) has long been drawn to modern and contemporary American art, particularly to Minimalism but also more expressive formulations such as Abstract Expressionism. At the same time, he is wholly enamored of Chinese ink wash painting and has been since he was ten, when he first 

Rosso primordiale. Mostra personale di Armando Xhomo

Dal 19 marzo al 2 aprile 2024, alla MA-EC Gallery di Milano (via Santa Maria Valle 2), si tiene la personale dell’artista Armando Xhomo intitolata Rosso Primordiale a cura della storica dell’arte e giornalista Daniela Pronestì. In mostra una selezione di opere, alcune delle quali di ultimissima realizzazione, che invitano a riscoprire una dimensione, quella della “primordialità”, intesa come condizione vitale, generativa, espressione dell’energia che muove tanto l’esistenza quanto l’agire dell’artista.

Rush Exhib.

In the dynamism of decisions made in the moment of life, the “Rush” exhibition focuses on the idea of rapidly evaluating available opportunities. It celebrates the power of quick and spontaneous decisions against the backdrop of an art understanding that emphasizes detailed planning.

Instant and swift decisions invigorate intuitive creativity, aiming to foster new connections between creators and viewers to the extent that self-control mechanisms are bypassed, and to encourage encounters arising from the unpredictable nature of these spontaneous decisions.

Gathered in the Stretching Now

On View: March 15 - April 21, 2024
Opening Reception: Friday, March 15 (7-11 pm)
Heaven Gallery
1550 N Milwaukee Ave #2, Chicago, IL 60622
Open Friday & Saturday 1-6 pm, Sunday 1-5 pm, or by appointment

Utopia Quieta

Tao Yuanming, a Jin Dynasty scholar, wrote in the second year of the Yongchu Era (421 A.D.), a text depicting a society free of war and oppression, a kind of ideal world to which the author aspired and which embodied his quests and aspirations in contrast to what was happening at the time. In 1516, Thomas More used the word "utopia" in his book Libellus vere aureus, nec minus salutaris quam festivus, de optimo rei publicae statu deque nova insula Utopia as a metaphor for an unattainable ideal or imaginary society.

Nature Speaks

Agora Gallery is pleased to announce Nature Speaks, a group exhibition of paintings that depict the pristine beauty of the natural kingdom. The selection includes works on canvas, wood panel, and paper executed in oils and a variety of water-based media. Greens and blues dominate the palettes, whether found in the turquoise waters of the sea, the emerald foliage of the woods, or the parakeet and fern gradients of a hill, offering an immersive experience of tranquility.


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