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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Launch of the Art/NaturSci Movement on the AVONTUUR, a sailing cargo ship, by Art Science Exhibits Berlin

Art Science Exhibits Berlin is an independent enterprise created, and consistently recreated, by artists and scientists. The exhibitions and public programs we present work to greater the sphere of ArtSci conversation - towards positivity and solutions. Our mission for the future of nature-kind is to help regenerate Earth's ecosystems.

The performative-activist art of launching the Art/NaturSci Movement by wind considers Earth's recovery from many aspects, especially the CO2 output of shipping international art exhibitions.

Artworks from the Founding Members set sail on the AVONTUUR from Hamburg, Germany, November 2020, arriving at port of call in Douarnenez, France.

The collection that traveled aboard represents the leading-edge of environmental art making, with dedication to ecosystem regeneration.


Humankind’s degradation of the oceans and forests, the immediacy of the effects of weather changes, and the intimacy of the effect on us, is stunning. And the driving force for the determined action of many to meet these challenges head on.

And so, Art Science Exhibits Berlin has developed the most solution based partnership with Timbercost Cargo Under Sail, a brave company offering zero carbon footprint for transport.

Because when people begin to connect to beautiful answers, change can occur.

Join us!

Project Partners: &


Audition for DART Dance Company's DSP Programme




Sunday, February 7, 2021

DART Dance Company’s DSP is looking for enthusiastic students to join their exciting 10-month training program in BERLIN!

When: 7th February 2021

Deadline for applications: 2nd February 2021

DART DSP Professional Dance Program operated by DART Dance Company is found in one of Europe’s most exciting, innovative dance spaces, where artists from all over the world come to push creative boundaries, to experiment with new works, inspired by the DART Dance Company to reach beyond what is possible and to aim for the impossible. The DSP method believes that by working through movement, breath, music, and dynamics, you have the opportunity to explore and define your figure.

The focus of this dance training lies in professional and performative experiences: You will learn through working with our company members, and our world-renowned guest teachers and choreographers which will foster a vibrant and creative environment.

In addition to the training, all of our dancers will receive performance experience, a professional photo shoot, performance videos, and have the opportunity to create and choreograph a performance which can be performed in a theatre. Furthermore, at the end of the year, one of the DSP members will be offered an Apprenticeship with DART Dance Company.

To apply for the audition please send your CV to, or to ask more information about the DART DSP Program.

Costs for participants: There is no cost for the audition.
Program Fee: Early Bird Special Price (Offer ends 5th March 2021) – €3000
Normal Program Fee – €3500

DART DSP Video link:

Those who are unable to travel, or do not wish to due to the pandemic may send us their application in the form of a video audition via email.

For further information, please visit

<p>Tanzhalle Berlin, Eichborndamm 167, 13403 Berlin, Germany</p>

Open Studios December 2020




Friday, December 18, 2020

GlogauAIR is very excited to invite you to our upcoming [Virtual] Open Studios December 2020. The 4th edition of [Virtual] Open Studios is forthcoming and the resident artists in Berlin and abroad are ready to show their work. From October to December of 2020, the last term of the year, we welcomed 10 international artists to our hybrid program holding physical events and activities and adapting those to the virtual world as well, in order to make use of the new opportunities in a constantly changing world. The exhibition will be on-line on our website, December 18th 2020 at 18.00h and will remain on-line until January the 3rd 2021.

Visit our website to find more information on our current resident artists and GlogauAIR:

Have a long at our Facebook event where we will shortly be announcing or program:



Patrick Blenkarn and Montserrat Videla Samper (Canada)

Sergio Femar (Spain)

Rita Palma (Portugal)

Hyunwook Park (Korea)

Silvestre Preciado (Ecuador-USA)

Tea Eklund-Berglöw (Sweden)

MiCKi CHOMiCKi (France)

Laure Winants (Belgium)


Miguel Angel Montoya (Colombia)

<p>Online on our website:&nbsp;</p>

GlogauAIR Open Studios September 2020




Friday, September 18, 2020

GlogauAIR is very excited to invite you to our Open Studios from the 18th to the 19th of September 2020 (on-site event). After we had to move this event, showcasing the work of our artist in residence  on-line this year in the light of recent events, we are looking forward to welcome you back through our doors at Glogauer Straße 16, 10999 Berlin. The virtual format will however remain in parallel throughout October 4th 2020. It will allow us to keep artists professionals and art enthusiast from all over the world connected.


Friday 18th September 18 - 22h

On-line & On-site Open Studios // Resident Artists
Project Space // Berlin Guest Resident

Saturday 19th September 14 - 19h
On-line & On-site Open Studios // Resident Artists
Project Space // Berlin Guest Resident


The Open Studios present the work of 8 international artists, who worked in our residency space as well as abroad in the last three months. These artists have created art in various mediums and have explored a broad range of subjects and ideas which we are looking forward to present to you.

Clara Gross
Rosalind Holgate Smith
Maria Kubysh
Elinor Sahm

Mimi Youn
Susie Fu
Minjung Lee
Kwanyoung Jung


Further will the event will also exhibit the work of Berlin Guest Resident artist Gloria Jurado. The young Spanish architect who is based in Berlin since 2015, will showcase a photographic exploration of the city’s architecture.

To protect everyone and make the event safe, GlogauAIR will take healthy measures (mandatory mask, use of hydroalcoholic gel, and limited capacity). We ask for everyone’s collaboration and understanding.

Check our Facebook event to learn more about the upcoming Open Studios:

Visit our website to learn more about our current resident artists and their work:

Prior registration is required to attend exhibition openings. The reservations page of Open Studios September 2020 is available in the following link:


<p>GlogauAIR</p> <p>Glogauer Straße 16</p> <p>10999 Berlin</p>

BBA Artist Prize 2020




Thursday, September 10, 2020

BBA Artist Prize is an annual competition for up-and-coming artists working in any medium. The winning artist receives a solo show at the gallery. A panel of industry professionals judges the entries.

Opening: 10 Sep 2020, 18:00 - 21:00
Announcement of the winner: 19:00

"I was very impressed by the quality, the spirit of innovation and the authenticity of the artworks."

Ute Edda Hammer
CEO and management board of Cultural Foundation of Thuringia
Jury member BBA Artist Prize 2020

“What an incredible shortlist! It was a difficult choice and required very careful consideration.”

Rachel Walker
Artsy - Senior Project Manager Global Partnership
Jury member BBA Artist Prize 2020

Presenting the shortlist

Ming Lu
Ming Lu’s works include photography, installation, performance, and more traditional media – porcelain and embroidery. Her recent works play on the tension between contemporary art and traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Humorously employing symbols and figures from myths, legends, prehistorical culture, and from her own biography alike, Ming Lu’s works reflect her cultural identity, which combines enduring attachments to China, the country of her birth and to Europe, where she studied art. Another focal point in Lu’s works is the femininity. While the artist’s embroideries feature a cast of female characters recreated from historical myths, the artists uses many ordinary objects in her sculptural works, such as cosmetics (notably lipstick and facial masks), lingerie, hair extensions, and transforms them into anthropomorphic playful representations of the female body and the female experience. This metaphorical and deadpan use of everyday objects to speak of important issues is a typical approach of the artist, her works often veer between abstraction and literalness; between the familiar and the uncanny; between absurdity and gravity.

Elizabeth Withstandley
Her work is routed in conceptual art, taking the form of photographic series, film, video and installations that explore contemporary culture through a loose narrative structure. Her projects result in site specific installations. Her studio practice involves research and testing that she uses when creating her installations often times developing pieces that all come together as a whole when installed. Recently her work has focused on multi-channel video/sound installations, thematically exploring identity and individuality. The works “You Can Not Be Replaced” , “The Real Brian Wilson”, “The Symphony of Names : No Man Is an Island” present a portrait of a person, a group of people or a specific culture. The installations often use music as a thematic backbone and integrate sound as a central element. She is interested in leaving the viewer with questions relating to uniqueness while planting seeds about ones place in the universe. The installations provide an immersive, layered experience for the viewer where their attention can shift around the space. In her work she explores similar things, like names, people and experiences. The projects look at what the similarities and differences are and ask the viewer to think about the identity of the subject.

Hansol Kim
Hansol Kim is a clothing collector, consumer and maker. For him, wearing clothes every day is like being a part of an art project because he must consider many different visual factors, such as the colour combination and texture of each clothing item. He gains an understanding of himself and who he is through seeing, choosing and wearing clothes. In his perspective, these invisible factors—such as the intuitive decision-making process and struggling towards an unexpected outcome that always comes out differently comparing to his initial anticipation—are similar to the making process. His daily dressing rituals nourish his art practice through tested visual strategies, intuitive editing and personal representation. Most of his works stem from a very personal fascination with and his eccentric approach to certain objects, but he strongly believes that he is also one of the reflections of our contemporary society and that people could empathise with his ideas. His key aim is to try to achieve new relationships between humans, clothing and spaces by juxtaposing existing forms, functions, materials, and aesthetics and their historical and anthropological references.

Ji-yeon Kim
Kim moves beyond portraiture to explore new and more complex ideas about the ways in which we interact with the internet. Taking inspiration from the bombardment of images and news articles that we are faced with every day, Kim creates collage-style paintings of stacked disparate elements, combined in a single canvas. The paintings are a visual representation of the fragmented pieces of photos and articles that remain in Kim’s mind after browsing the internet, blended with her own memories and thoughts to create a composition that contains both elements of truth and fiction. Through the filter of our own minds, which are presented with endless information every day, stories become distorted and altered. Kim’s work seeks to visually represent this distortion.

Ruini Shi
Ruini Shi is an animation director based in London. She explores virtual intimacy by combining film language and technological aesthetics, creating narratives that interrogate the compatibility between humanity and emerging technologies. Her first film Strings won the Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica 2019. Shi’s graduation film Desire Line has been selected for numerous festivals worldwide including recent screenings at Transmediale, Royal Television Society Award, Animafest Zagreb, Lumen Prize Award. In addition to personal work, she collaborates commercial clients including Nike, Gorillaz x Gshock and Visit Britain. She was nominated for the 2019 Rapoport Award for Women in Art and Technology.

<p>BBA Gallery<br /> Köpenicker Str. 96<br /> 10179 Berlin</p>





Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I love you anyway

Viewings during corona                                

9 June – 4 September 2020

by appointment only

please contact us via email one day before



Ingrid McMillan

These paintings are about relationship and romancing our shadow to arrive at self love. They were made in the context of the energy and culture of Berlin, where I am currently artist in residence at //GALERIE 102. I think about the discomfort of facing our shadow, in Jungian psychology, that we unknowingly hide from ourselves until it appears suddenly like a stranger, exposing the opposite of who we think we are—a bully, an addict, a victim, a blamer, a liar, and so on. I imagine pulling these unwanted parts of ourselves out of denial into conscious awareness, to be disarming and empowering. I wanted this dissolving or untangling to be like mining for gold in softness that moves in and out of light, enveloping humanity, deepening intimacy, making us more balanced and loving.

Ingrid (nee Roeder) McMillan was born in Vancouver, Canada to German parents. She lived in Frankfurt Germany until age 4 before moving to Winnipeg, Canada. Imaginative and curious since childhood, Ingrid revels in the making and thrives on pursuing ideas about human consciousness and relational harmony. Her paintings are an intuitive response to psychological and emotional interpretations that either support or interfere with human connection.



Alexandre Schuck

Alexandre Schuck was born in France in 1987 and grew up there in a German-French family. At a very early age, he discovered the passion for drawing, and devoted himself to his art. Captivated by animals, but also by humans, he drew in pencil, expressively and precisely, throughout his childhood. Alexandre Schuck studied languages ​​after graduation and traveled extensively. During this time, he continued to paint portraits and caricatures which he gave to people close to him. He now lives in Berlin, concentrating on the preparation of his first exhibition. He discovered a new way of expressing himself with pencil, in a surrealistic way, adding colors. In terms of content, it is about forms of nature - people and animals - that are repeated. Lively, extraordinary, distinctive and a little bit provocative, themes such as eroticism, aggressiveness, passion, pain are emphasized.

Forms of nature that repeat themselves: animals and human body parts, as in a puzzle, where one form leads to the other. The details can only be recognized by looking closely, but everyone recognizes something else first. It's like a story that the viewer goes through, and everyone creates their own History. The message: be attentive, in our environment there is much that repeats itself, forms, Emotions, ways of thinking, behavior, and you will recognize them if you open your eyes.


<p>//GALERIE 102</p>


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