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DramVocals with Jazz Stylistics with Elena Dana



Saturday, November 9, 2019

Join us for a two hour workshop in the heart of Edinburgh near Meadows, in our most favourite and loved venue in town - the Argyle Cellar, for quality fun times!

Training how to use your voice in speech and singing in a healthy yet powerful way is a dream of every performing artist. Whether you aspire to become one, or get the skill of healthy voice production for a jazz musical, or just for fun - this is the place for you!

Bring your love of jazz and dramatic art with you and we'll do the rest <3

+16, all levels are welcome, 7 people per group

Please note that the event will be video and audio recorded and by attending the event you give us your consent to use the footage for promotional use, unless otherwise notified by you in writing.

Your instructor: www.elenadana.com

Pianist: Valentin Kulikov


The Argyle and Cellar Bar

15 - 17 Argyle Place 

Edinburgh EH9 1JJ

United Kingdom