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Thursday, July 11, 2019

A good interview essay is based on an interview undertaken by the writer of the essay. Hence, knowing how to carry out an effective interview and knowing what types of questions to ask is critical if the result is to be a success. The aim of this type of essay is to reveal the interviewee’s personality to those reading your essay and it is for this reason you should focus your questions on the interviewee’s interests, opinions, favorite activities, and the primary positions they have held in life. Since all the answers to these questions will be disclosed in your essay, it is important the interview content is precise to prevent an inaccurate portrayal of the interviewee.

essay writing tips for interview

An outline is a shortened or condensed version of the final essay and it simply sets out the key facts and plan for how the essay will be written.



To ensure you end up with a good interview essay, you need to clearly decide what the interview’s primary aim or goal is and demonstrate this to your readers. The questions you then analyze in your essay will reflect this overall goal. It is permissible for the writer to set out his or her own views or perceptions of the person they have interviewed but without losing sight of the interview’s main goals.

Introductory section: (Whether or not you already know how to conduct an interview, it is important to note that this section contains information concerning the interviewee, their activities, peculiarities, and so on).

Main body: (Following your interview essay outline, use this section to discuss the interview topic, mentioning all the essential parts; you should also include quotes here).

Concluding section: (This part reflects upon the writer’s overall opinion of the writer regarding the topic that was discussed at interview).