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Saturday, September 5, 2020

A60 Contemporary Art Space shows the exhibition entitled "The Body" in the Milan exhibition space, happy to have received feedback from artists coming from different countries of the world, who have felt the need to give their artistic testimony in relation to this theme.

The body has found in the forms of art history, in the long road from antiquity to today, infinite, multiform interpretations, able to always render and represent the idea of time. Man is his body, and he relates to it, builds, creates his habitat, he defends it, lives his passions, his dreams, his nightmares and his defeats. How many are the works of art that each of us has had the opportunity to see by visiting the cities, museums, parks, gardens and archaeological sites, scattered around the world, characterized by the different shapes and interpretations of the body that man has given? There are endless examples that different cultures have been able to create from Lascaux to today. Starting from the 19th century by the invention of photography and subsequently of cinema, the body images are coming to us with a different realism: today we are by the technology witnessing a phenomenon, which appears increasingly , linked to continuous production and almost endless of pictures and professional or amateur videos that celebrate the body in its entirety. It is interesting to recall the words of a great French philosopher (Jean Boudrillard) who in 1983 asserted:"'s society is experiencing an ecstasy of communication...". These intense words appear fully representative of what is happening even more today in our reality in which the images of the body are obsession and communicative "testimony". Our exhibition collects the work of very different artists who wanted to give their vision in relation to this very important theme by drawings, paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs and videos collected by us. The paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures exhibited are confronted with the tactile materials and the gesture, while the photographs always try to capture the instantaneity of subject and light. The videos celebrate the telling of own story in the movement and the sound. Nearby the testimonies of the contemporary, we have also included a selection of works by artists of the 1800s and 1900s on the body theme, precisely to create even more a rich, wide road, made of temporal comparisons between yesterday and today, because art is a great travel and a great house in which everyone can live together, comparing themselves in the memory and presence of the creation of yesterday and today.


Via Aosta 17, 20155, Milano, Italy

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