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International Exhibition "La Vita dell'Arte"




Friday, July 3, 2020

"La Vita dell'Arte" is not only the theme of this exhibition, but also everyone's thought and reflection on life. With the spread of COVID19 all over the world in 2020, all those who live in our world have been affected and, in this context, the identity of the artists and works of art must be expressed in this special period. Artistic language is like poetry created by poets, like stories of novels written by writers, or songs created by composers. The artist who faces what is happening in our times, needs a pair of sensitive eyes to observe and record this era, transforming it into a unique artistic language, showing the result of his work.

In this exhibition, as curator together with Emanuele Gregolin we selected 60 works by artists from different countries of the world: United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Turkey. In the works of these artists, the definition of art and life, art and life for the public of art is interpreted through the rich collection of works. The techniques used by the various artists involve drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, experimental art, the art of sound and other expressive forms.

Art as a medium connects each of us together giving the opportunity to observe the artist's deep sensitivity and inner world through the observation of his work. 2020 will remain a particular year for each of us in which many things have happened: the strong pandemic, economic arrests, political fluctuations, the arrest of cultural and educational projects and everything around us is changing. However, for contemporary art, this period allows us to see some positive aspects, among which we remember: most museums and artistic activities in the world have started to conduct online exhibitions, connecting the distance between the works of art and the public of the art through the Internet and some social media have also launched an instant exhibition method on the net, which provides artists with more diverse viewing channels; for artists, the form of creation is also changing and close to the usual techniques we see network art, 3D art, interactive art, electronic art, sound art, light art, etc. We saw many things born, including the rapid rise of "Millennials" artists.

The development of art is infinitely extensive: artists can express the definition of art and the epitome of the background of the times through different creative languages. Although the artists in this exhibition come from different countries, we are using the same language: it is Art.

Pengpeng Wang


Maria Chiara Wang

Emanuele Gregolin
Pengpeng Wang

Opening Event_

18 pm, 03/07/2020

18 pm, 17/07/2020

Via Aosta 17, 20155, Milano

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