Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Welcome to the Top Event!
Did you miss the "tasty" and "juicy" information? Then the Top Event is for you!
At this event, you are waiting for the results of 2018 on all topics of interest to you. We will also analyze trends for 2019:

  • What will be relevant?
  • What should beware?
  • What you need to know?

Well-known speakers will also perform for you, such as:

- Giulio Gorsanges is the editor of the magazine “About Everything and About Nothing,” with his report on how to correctly perceive criticism about irrelevant topics in his direction. And how to make it your strong character trait.
- Jack Poulson - director of creative marketing at the Corporation "Watering", will tell you how to place your ideas everywhere and show your relevance where there is none.
Partyk Klinson - chief engineer of the Sky Fall rocket factory. This person will tell not only how close we are to the realization of one of the most ancient dreams of mankind, but also what challenges engineers face when building their objects.
- Veniamin Smekhov is the main speaker of "Trans Humor +" in Russia. He will provide us with an excellent lecture about what is important abroad and how to enter the foreign market.
- Jack Bette is one of the most sought-after businessmen around the world. He opened about 100 projects that were crowned with success. He will tell you what relevance is, how to keep yourself in good shape, why now the safari heat slot are discussed all over the world and how an incredibly powerful competitor is discussed.

... and many others! If you are ready to be on the same wavelength with the world, in this case, the Top Event is what you need!


114 Weston Rd

Toronto, ON M9N 1G4