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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

In order for your advertisement and your press release to be noticed it is not enough to simply place them in the media or send them to inform agencies. These processes are preceded by a copywriting stage. The ability to write briefly and beautifully about the main thing, to give journalists and the public exactly what they would like to hear, to provoke interest and demand - all these are difficult tasks facing the write my paper service. Many say that they need special talent. However, it can be developed in yourself, improve your abilities. This will help you our seminar "InstaCopywriting".

Attention! You can attend the full InstaCopywriting course.

Attention! To increase the effectiveness and practical orientation of the training, we ask all participants to bring their press releases, media and marketing plans to the seminar (it is also possible in electronic format).

As a result of the training, you will:
- learn about the features of copywriting in the field of advertising and PR
- learn the technologies, methods, techniques of creating various texts
- Practically you will work out the exercises for the development and improvement of professional competencies of a copywriter
- Learn more about the process of copyright copyright protection
- Review the best examples from the practice of copywriting
- become the owner of a regular customer card, which gives you the opportunity to study at seminars and MBA programs from INSTANOVELIST with a 15% discount

Also, at the seminar itself there will be a test task for those who wish, thanks to which you will be able to win a workplace in the company INSTANOVELIST, thanks to which this seminar will take place.


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