Fabrice Covelli | Sculptor | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Sculptor
Specialties: Art fabrication - Mold making - Prototyping

- About -

I make artwork everyday. If it is not for me, it is for others. Using all sort of techniques, materials, technologies, and a lot of mold making, I have been able to see things in 4 dimensions (flat, positive, negative and duration), which has allowed me to work on a wide array of projects, at various scopes and sizes. In addition, I have applied these art fabrication skills to my personal artwork and artwork for those in need. Although I am always excited and intrigued by challenging projects, I know my strengths and limitations and would never pursue a project that is unattainable. This way I don’t deceive my customers and they tend to like me for that. Do you need help in making a sculpture, a piece of art, a prototype, a model, a prop, a reproduction or limited edition? Do you like refined product quality, logistic reliability, a creative approach to problem solving, mindfulness and responsive collaboration? These are the services and skills I have to offer. Please let me know how I can help you bring your creative ideas to life.