Farzana Quddus | Marketing Assistant, Administration Assistant | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Marketing Assistant, Administration Assistant
Specialties: Marketing, Events Management, Art Administration

- About -

Hello! I'm Farzana and I'm hoping to land my dream job after graduation this summer, in the arts sector. Trying to synthesise my deep admiration for art & design, with my proficient skills in marketing, events management, administration – I want to surround myself with creative, inspiring people. My main ambition isn’t a specific job role or title, but a position in which I can share my love for the arts to as many people as possible, sharing the benefits the arts can bring to your life. Making art more accessible, breaking down the stigma and connecting with a diverse audience, is what I believe I can bring to the arts industry. This is with the understanding to evolve and progress the industry, to bring new perspectives to life. Already volunteering at Tate Modern has further engrained this profound interest of mine, hoping to take it further in my career. Although I’m finishing university this June, I have already racked up different professional experiences, highlighting my versatile skills. Mind, Penguin Random House and Bramacare, have all collated my abilities and proficiency in learning new skills quickly. Doing the utmost in any role, for the benefits of the team, employer and my own personal gratification. To sum it all up, I spend any spare moments to be surrounded by art – to turn that into a career is the best way to go. I have a personal goal in trying to make others fall in love with the arts as much as I do. My background in psychology and an advocate for positive mental health; I want to share the benefits of the arts for wellbeing and mental health. I want to diversify the audience - supporting progressive galleries, museums and art organisations. Hopeful to bring positivity to the arts sector, whilst contributing my knowledge, skills and opinions to progress with the industry.