Alex "Fdez" Fernandez | Visual Artist, Educator | Bronx | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Bronx
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual Artist, Educator
Specialties: Fine Artist, graphic artist, Educator.

- About -

Autodidactic artist born in New York, but of Dominican heritage, who explores societal issues that are influenced by our current world and infused with a reflection of his combined culture, as well as his love of 19th century European art. His work explores allegory, symbolism & Impactful images, to compose works that critique world cultures, religion and social/political issues from the world we live in, with the intent to capture human emotion in response to these. His work has been displayed in various group shows around the world including Italy, New York and Dominican Republic. His work has also been used in publications such as The Hand Magazine & The Promethean, as well as being featured in the cover of the book, “Dear Democracy”.