Felix Rodewaldt | Artist | Munich | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Munich
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Conceptual Art, Wall drawing, Photoshop

- About -

Felix Rodewaldt sees Architecture as his personal canvas. Due to this opinion its important to play with walls and surfaces to create a new shape within the space itself. Usage of geometrical forms within the artist's work creates an universal language and therefore will become a timeless experience for the viewer. Furthermore, the need of explaining the work disappears- because each observer is given the possibility to approach it in his own personal way. Since wall paint is the regularly used material to preserve architectural structures he preferably works with it, it resamples the skin of a surface to him. Still, there is no fear to add or subtract as well, where scratching off material or adding duct tape could be named as examples- because everything depends on the material of the surface.