Fiona Armer | Fiona Armer Artist | Hebden bridge | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Hebden bridge
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Fiona Armer Artist
Specialties: marine action, landscapes, seascapes

- About -

I paint, impasto with a knife on canvas. I struggle to paint man-made objects (apart from boats!) I want to convey that feeling of freedom I get from being serenaded by skylarks when I run over the moors; that wonderful smell of damp peat and heather, sheep and rabbits; the sound of wind and water and that lash of salty water in your face on an ocean crossing, the whole adventure of it all. Most marine artists paint boats from the outside; whereas I’m painting from having been there on the 24 hour watches when you’re too tired to eat and it’s too hot to sleep, or so cold that the inside of your sleeping bag is the only dry place on the boat. They are the places I can paint from the heart. How do you paint freedom and adventure? I don’t know, but I’m trying.