Fractal Workshop | Arts & Culture | Zalaegerszeg | Art Jobs
Sector: Non-profit, art initiative
Country: Europe
Europe: Hungary
City: Zalaegerszeg
Industry: Arts & Culture
Size: 0 - 1 employees
Address: Hungary, 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Kosztolányi St. 2/B
Phone: +36703612467

- About -

Fractal Workshop is a local grassroots art initiative. We would like to start conversations about contemporary art between artists and the public, give opportunities to emerging artists, find  and create new spaces where communities can form around contemporary visual art. 
This year is the year of beginnings for us. We have started with a small contemporary art blog in Hungarian with the hopes of findig an interested and enthusiastic audience. While the blog is still in its infancy, we hope that it can be valuable source of information about local events and artists in the near future.

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