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Assisting Development Manager


Job Type:


Purpose of the Role.

As the Assisting Development Manager, you would be responsible for providing support with any new opportunities for SCARCO ARTS and our artists. You will be involved in the arts and working to support the development of local artists and our projects. You will work with other organisations to support successful delivery of various projects. This includes contracting artists, liaising with partners, reporting and evaluation, as well as writing funding applications.

What You Will Be Doing.

  • Supporting Director and the Scarco team effectively coordinate the planning and delivery of projects, events and campaigns. This includes existing projects for creating a housing community for artist and to develop a contemporary arts gallery in Scarborough.
  • To maximise funding from Arts Council England (ACE), other lottery distributors, trusts, grants, and the commercial sector, and similar. • To supervise and manage volunteers.
  • To support the Projects Development Manager with project evaluation and reporting of projects to Funders, as well as the necessary internal performance and financial reports.
  • To work with social media & marketing manager to ensure effective marketing and communications that deliver audiences to our events and activities, including producing leaflets and updating websites and social media.
  • Any other duties as requested by the Director.

Skills, experience and qualities needed. 

  • Experience of working in the Arts, e.g. community based arts project or arts events.
  • Computer literacy and strong administration skills.
  • Flexibility – though this post is a work from home role, there may be events, including evenings and weekends, that need attending. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Application and delivery of funded arts projects, including Arts Council England funded National Lottery projects.
  • Experience of working with volunteers.
  • Event delivery knowledge.

When and Where

We are piloting a new scheme designed to modernize the workplace ethic and how we work. It is requested you work from home and pick your own hours. Though this is an unpaid post, once funding will allow, we will offer a monthly wage with no set hours. What you could get out of it We currently cannot offer training. However, by volunteering, you will gain valuable experience, develop your skills. We also offer a reference for employer, college or universities on request. If you have a course that requires work experience, we can provide the educator with a detailed report to support your certificate.

Please contact your educational provider about any awards, certificates and scoring that you may be entitled to. We can provide certificates or local awards to recognise the contribution volunteers make, which can support third party education or employment.

UK Claimants of welfare benefits, including Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit and Disability Living Allowance, are allowed to volunteer without losing their benefits. However, you must ensure you are available to meet the conditions of receiving those benefits while working with us. Please inform us if you are claiming benefits, especially if there is a chance your situation could change at short notice, for example if you are seeking paid work. We will provide any support if possible. Interested?

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Artful City Manager


Job Type:


Job Vacancy  ll  Artful City Manager

You are an art-loving self-starter, ready to activate your network in the city you know so well, and be an integral part in getting the artful project off the ground.

The artful project is a social start-up that will give artists the chance they never had. The artful platform will create sales opportunities and generate an income for artists by disrupting the elitist art market and bringing together artists, businesses, and consumers to make markets more artful than ever.

You have a social mindset and are keen to make changes as part of a brand new start up. You are creative, solution-oriented, an enthusiastic organizer with an interest in all things beautiful. 

You will

Acquire and manage a growing portfolio of customers 

Build a network of suppliers in your area and source smartly

Pitch in with spreading the artful message like a true marketeer

Independently identify strategic business opportunities

Work collaboratively with the artful team all over the world, and serve as a resource within your region



Ability to work independently

Strong strategic planning, budgeting, and organizational skills

Experience in working cross-functionally 

Ability to prioritise and fight multiple fires simultaneously

Good networking, soft skills, savvy with social media

Enthusiasm for the artful cause

Be sound - no bs!


Required weekly hours:

flex time, depending on you. 20 hours per week is our first guess.


Artful compensation:

competitive remuneration



Get in touch at, we’ll set you up to make that city artful.

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Art Advisor worldwide


Job Type:



You know gallery owners, artists, art dealers, art collectors or are in contact with museums?

Secure a significant passive income with your network and experience. No financial investment is required, only your ambition and existing trusted network.

4ARTechnologies AG is a Swiss company providing a 360° all-in-one solution for the international art world. A team of over 40 art & technology experts is representing 4ART in Switzerland, Germany, USA, UAE and Asia. Blue chip partners from insurance, logistics and art-handling trust in our innovative solution.

A fast growing community of over 40.000 art lovers and professionals in 65 countries is convinced by 4ART and uses our app for their daily art business.

4ARTechnologies offers the solution that will excite your client network, guaranteed. Help artists to build long-term reputation, galleries to sell more with a unique experience and collectors to find undiscovered stars from all over the world. No matter if they work in the traditional or modern digital art world, 4ART combines it all in a single simple ecosystem. 

Upgrade your existing network! You don’t have to be a high profile pro, as long as you are passionate about art and have an affinity for digitization. The knowledge, training and technical support you’ll get from us. Choose when and how you engage your clients, make it fit to your needs. Your success will be as big as your ambition.

We offer an unlimited 15 % revenue share(1) for every new client that you connect with 4ART. Once onboard, you profit from every one of your client‘s transactions, even years later. On average, participants can build a continuous 4-figure USD monthly passive income within two years.

(1) The revenue share continues for up to 3 years after the termination of the contract. The revenue share is based on the net revenue.

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Project/Presentation Manager


Job Type:


US State:


We are a team of professionally trained artists, art consultants, graphic designers, project managers, and art handlers who work together to create innovative art programs for each client. 

Our team works collaboratively with emerging artists, architects, designers, consultants, and the secondary art market to serve a wide range of clients in the corporate, hospitality, residential, institutional, and healthcare industries.

We are looking for a project manager/marketing coordinator to reach out the the architecture and design communities to make online and in person presentations for business development. The focus of this job would be making presentations with some project management assistance.

Marketing Duties:

-Plan and organize presentations

-Reaching out to former and potential clients to share new projects and products

-Doing online and eventually in person presentations about the company and our services

Project Manager:

-Assist current Project Manager with the below duties:

Compile and plan budgets for projects

Plan and manage schedules for projects

Cost analysis between vendors


This job is flexible in terms of how many hours per week you are available.


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Job Type:


Keyword (Tags):


Verismomag is a new arts media platform that creatively explores the visual and performing arts through events and the consumer’s experience. This arts media company is a new cultural influencer, commercial influencer and tastemaker that draws the consumer into the exciting world of the arts in many ways. The company is looking to expand its content beyond its current social media platform through a website and newsletter.



This is a remote, freelance position. The candidate will create content for the Verismomag platform with short articles describing upcoming arts events according to their assignment from the Editor-in Chief. We are looking for write-ups that can sell an arts event from a thoughtful and creative point of view. The ideal candidate must be able to grab the reader's

attention within a few seconds and be able to write creatively within 150 words or less using their knowledge of the arts

genre and the event.




• Formulate texts in accordance with prescribed editorial and formatting guidelines.

• Communicate with the administration o explicate assignment-related expectations, as required.

• Ensure that texts are researched properly.

• Maintain originality in their work.

• Proofread their assignments to detect and correct errors.

• Submit completed works via the requisite channels by the deadline.

• Monitor and log in hours spent on each assignment


The candidate will also be responsible for conceiving and proposing themes for upcoming newsletter editions, select

artworks and performances related to that theme and write supporting text describing the entire newsletter on an intermittent basis.




The candidate must generally enjoy writing about their expertise, be a self-starter and have a background that includes:


Prior experience writing about one or more of the arts genres [see below] in an academic and commercial capacity.


Must be comfortable preparing content for the website publication. The ideal candidate must have an academic, journalism or curating background in one or more of these arts genres:


Art History

Opera and/or Solo Vocal Recitals


Museum Exhibits

Contemporary Art



The ideal candidate is also an avid museumgoer, concert-goer, opera-goer, ballet-goer or theater-goer and generally knowledgeable about the best upcoming shows, art exhibits and stays up-to-date with what's happening in the arts and

entertainment world. Subsequently, they must be capable of selecting upcoming unknown artists who they think others should know about from the arts genres mentioned.


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Multimedia Marketing Coordinator/Artist (PT)


Job Type:


US State:


Keyword (Tags):

We are seeking a cultural worker and writer to support our new strategic marketing work stream as our inaugural MultiMedia Marketing Artist. This is a PT,  work-for-hire, non-salaried position within our organization.The hired contributor will have up to a one (1) month paid trial period to ensure you are a good fit with our organization.  This position is 100% virtual and does not require any in-person responsibilities.  


Our Needs and Expectations

The inaugural MultiMedia Marketing Artist will help us to create marketing materials for our blog posts, newsletters (see past examples), and social media posts which all focus on Black cinema and media, as well as film-related culture.

Key for this position will be:

  • Sourcing & editing BLACK FILM OF THE WEEK (BFOTW) media to template; Creating occasional videos for BFOTW via clips and trailers; Creating Instagram Stories for BFOTW with short clips & trailers; Gathering BFOTW data & sources
  • Finding /decide on media needed for blog (would work with Blog Contributor on this)
  • Newsletter enhancements - create and/or source graphics for newsletter templates (occasional)
  • Organizational coordination and support - attendance at 30 min. to one (1) hour long bi-weekly marketing meetings (virtual) to discuss current and future marketing prospects
  • Potential to expand role to other aspects of the organization (forum hosting, etc), if so desired

Who we are Seeking

Our inaugural media coordinator will help expand our reach in the film and cultural community in alignment with our strategic vision of marketing as cultural stewardship:

We strive to bond cultural kin with warmth and curatorial acumen. We molt creative spaces to serve community interiority. We assume the responsibilities necessary to bond Black audiences to Black cinema through consistency and community. We commit to transforming stakeholders into stewards. We anchor our labor in the resplendence of Black cinema’s unseen elders and ancestors. We bond with them to mold black cinema into a vessel in service of our future liberation. 


We are looking for someone who embodies the above qualities and has the following:

  • Creative and professional commitment: strong and willing connections to the diasporic Black cultural community and interested in social justice
  • Software: has access to multimedia editing and creation software
  • Skills: seasoned communication, analysis, and research skills, and a strong eye for details
  • Perspective and approach: a good sense of humor (sarcasm is welcome!), a good imagination, a penchant for discovery, and a willingness to learn
  • Familiarity with the following creative and project management platforms: Google Drive, Dropbox; Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, or comparable software
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