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Founding Associates



The DASTHE platform hopes to connect contemporary artists, according to their practices, issues or schools with independent art spaces and artists-run spaces, in order to allow them to allow them to produce exhibitions.
The platform defends the idea of the contemporary artist as an entrepreneur and aims to encourage the emergence of a scene of independent creators. 

This project is aimed at emerging artists, graduates or art schools, artists run spaces and other artistic associations with spaces, and finally, collectors and investors who would like to help the young creation to produce more or better.
The goal is to connect artists and professionals from the art world to enable them to produce exhibitions and sell their art, or be produced, on our site.

The holder of this position will be responsible for the following-up on Dasthe exhibitions and their productions. The associate will also supervise partnerships and international art shipping. To do this, Dasthe provides the manager with the email address "info" of the gallery, as well as the legal documents relating to exhibitions.
The perfect candidate is pro-active, dynamic, likes to take risks, and preferably a techie. 
You will be an artist manager as far as your work relates to the production, diffusion, and sales of Artists works.

  • *Responsible for human resources cohesion
  • Supervise international and local art shippings
  • Artists partnerships: Discuss artworks production possibilities and with the artist and craftsmen or technicians (to be ready 15 days before each exhibition.
  • Supervise the production of the pieces with the production manager 
  • Supervise the communication schedule; make sure our PR sends press kits, mailings, and/or other communication material on time 
  • Being knowledgeable about exhibited artists, their processes and how they came up with the art piece we’re showing
  • Creating brand awareness through online collaborations with other art structures, blogs, magazines…
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