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Background on Rocky Mountain Women’s Film (RMWF)

The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival was founded in 1987 by Donna Guthrie and Jere Martin from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Recognizing the limited exhibition opportunities for women filmmakers and their films, and because the founders of the Festival believed the voices of women needed to be heard by a larger audience, Donna and Jere decided to create an event featuring only films directed or produced by women.  Now in its 33rd year, the Festival enjoys an outstanding reputation among filmmakers and is regarded as one of the premier women’s film festivals in North America.  The annual operating budget is approximately $400,000.  In recent years, Rocky Mountain Women’s Film has expanded its programmatic offerings throughout the year and throughout our community.

Reason for Planning

RMWF is at a point of significant growth and transition in its organizational development, having (mostly) completed the implementation of our 2016 - 2019 strategic plan.

RMWF’s prior strategic planning process focused on:

  • creating an inspiring vision, compelling mission, and meaningful core values
  • gaining stakeholder input to inform strategic planning
  • constructing a strategic plan framework
  • building a collaborative, strategic, and goal-oriented culture.

We found the strategic planning process, and the roadmap it created, to be a productive way to focus the board and staff on the needs of RMWF. We wish to continue that momentum with the guidance of a new and/or expanded plan.

Successful Highlights from the Previous Plan

In 2017, the RMWF office relocated to the Lincoln Center. This move has provided a space to screen films throughout the year and engage community members through use of our film library.

In addition to our four annual events (Festival, Shorts Night, Filmmakers Retreat, and outdoor summer screening), RMWF now offers “Pop Up Cinema,” providing one-off screenings of first run films. 

In addition to the one hundred volunteers we utilize to support all of our activities and our executive director, we have now hired three part-time staff -  a marketing director, technical director, and development officer.

In 2019, RMWF underwent a complete rebrand under the guidance of Fixer Creative.  This process resulted in a new name – Rocky Mountain Women’s Film – as well as a clearly defined vision that fully integrates all we do: We believe that a story driven by women and others who are often unheard or unseen has the power to spark new levels of empathy and understanding, stimulate constructive discourse, and lead to cultural and community connection through awakening new ideas, entertaining and delighting audiences, and pushing creative boundaries.

Desired Outcomes

RMWF is interested in the development of a 3-Year Strategic Plan to support the organization’s mission.

Specific aspects that RMWF has identified as most important for achieving the goals of the organization are:

  • an environmental scan that examines internal and external opportunities and perceptions affecting the organization’s ability to achieve our mission
  • a thorough assessment of infrastructure needs including, but not limited to, space, technology, human capital, and financial resources
  • the development of a sustainable financial and programmatic model to achieve goals

In general, RMWF seeks a plan that can be a working model that our staff and board of directors can consult to gauge our progress and adapt if needed.


RMWF is interested in having the planning process and initial interviews commence in late January 2020 with completion of the full planning process by June 2020.

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