Isabelle Gautier's ART, LLC | Fine Arts | Milton | Art Jobs
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Sector: Artist
Country: United States
US State: Georgia
City: Milton
Industry: Fine Arts
Address: 1085 Richmond Glen cir, Milton GA 30004
Phone: 6786442527

- About -

Gautier was born in Normandy, France.
In 1999 Gautier moved her family to Atlanta, where she now has her home studio/gallery.
Gautier likes to experiment, discover, learn and travels.
Curious about everything she is passionate about Asian art and specifically about calligraphy. Studying the art of writing with
 East Asian Calligraphy workshop taught by Kazuaki Tanahashi her interest  expands to Taiji. She believes that in order to understand the art it is best to fully open herself to Asian philosophy.