Emiliano Passaro | Actor, Writer, Speaker | Berlin | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Writing
Professional Title: Actor, Writer, Speaker
Specialties: Voice Over, Acting, Creative writing

- About -

Since I was a small child I get involved in stories, tales and every sort of spoken remembrance. Then I decided to become an actor, and I get a degree. I landed on the Microphone thanks to my Speaker and Dubber experience and being a Voice in Radio (My Biggest love!). Since I moved to Berlin at 38 years old I gave myself a chance and I discover so many other ways to tell stories: dance, performance and naturally writing. Berlin welcomed me as Mom (my original mum) Rome, but in a different way. Berlin let me decide what I want to be and what I will be in the next future. It allowed me to breathe myself and discover it on the way. That's why I am grateful and my first publication will be for the Berlin Notebook.